County Port Authority Mali Losinj

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About the Port Authority Mali Losinj

County Council of Primorsko-goranska County established the County Port Authority Mali Losinj in 1999, for the purpose of management, construction and operation of ports open to public traffic, which are of county and local importance.

County Port Authority Mali Losinj is responsible for twenty-one port and harbor. Mali Losinj Harbor with a seaside pool Velopin and Poljana/Runjica is a port open to the public, of county importance, while the other ports are of local importance: Baldarka, Ilovik, Jadriscica, Nerezine, Nerezine-Biskupija, Osor, Rovenska, Srakane Vele, Sv. Martin, Susak, Union, Veli Losinj, Ruzmarinka – Artatore, Maracol – Union, Bijar, Ul – Punta Kriza, Rapoca – Ufratar, Mrtvaska, Sv. Jakov – Studenac and Zela – Koromacna – Belej. The jurisdiction of the County Port Authority Mali Losinj stretches to six islands of Cres and Losinj archipelago. The Port Authority is a nonprofit entity whose establishment, organization and activity is regulated by the Maritime Domain and Seaports Act (NN 158/03).

The bodies that govern the County Port Authority Mali Losinj are the Governing Council and the Director.

The Governing Council consists of five members, of which two members are appointed by the founders, one member is appointed by the minister and comes from the port authority in whose territory are the headquarters of the Port Authority, and one member is appointed by the representatives of the concessionaires who have concessions in the area of the port authority. The mandate of the Governing Council and the President is four years. The same persons may be re-appointed to the Governing Council. The President of the Governing Council is Mr. Loris Rak, BA, and the members are Mr. Dejan Nekic, Mr. Branko Domac, acting captain Marko Satalic and Mr. Elvis Živković.

The Director is appointed by the Governing Council of the County Port Authority Mali Losinj, on the basis of public tender and proposal made by the Commission, with the approval of the Minister, for a term of four years. The same person may be re-appointed as Director. The Director is responsible to the Governing Council and the County Prefect. The Director of the County Port Authority Mali Losinj is Mr. Filip Balija. The ports open for public transport have four basic port activities:

  • mooring and unmooring of ships, yachts, fishing, sports and other boats and floating structures
  • loading, unloading, reloading, transfer and storage of cargo and other materials
  • embarkation and disembarkation of passengers and vehicles
  • other economic activities in immediate economic, traffic or technological connection with the above services

The right to carry out port activities, use the existing infrastructure and superstructure, as well as to construct new buildings and other facilities of superstructure and infrastructure, is based on a concession. Concessions may be granted to a legal or natural person registered to perform trades, who meet the requirements stipulated by the Law.

County Port Authority and port concessionaires are required to prepare the Rules on the conditions and method of maintaining order in the port, which define the purpose of each part of the port and the way the traffic in the port will be handled, which is approved by the competent port authority.